New Service Request

Welcome to Crescent Heights Water Supply.  To apply for new service please print and read all forms noted below.  Please fill out the “Service Application/Agreement” form and the “Easement” form.  The “Easement” will need to be signed in the presence of a notary and notarized.  The “Service Application/Agreement” and the “Easement” will need to be brought to the Crescent Heights Water Supply office or mailed to the office.  The applicant must also provide a “Warranty Deed” which shows applicant proof of ownership of property.  If assistance is needed with the application process, please call our office at 903.677.3946. 

Crescent Heights Water Supply Corporation is located at:

            9430 Highway 31 Wes 

            Athens, Texas 75751

 Mailing Address:

            Crescent Heights Water Supply

            P.O. Box 375

            Athens, Texas 75751

 Telephone Number:


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