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prop 6

What are Propositions 6, 7, and 8?
Texas is the fastest growing state in the nation. This November, Texans have the opportunity to
vote on Propositions 6, 7, and 8. These three propositions will expand water, energy, and broadband
infrastructure to help ensure that the Lone Star State continues to be the best place to live,
work, play and raise a family.







Proposition 6
Advancing the availability of water

Support Sufficient Water Supply During a Drought
The Texas Water Fund will support the development of new water supplies to meet the needs of our
growing population, especially during an extended drought.







Promote Water Conservation
The Texas Water Fund will provide funds to repair and replace water infrastructure such as leaky
pipes and will support conservation awareness.

Help Local Communities and the Texas Economy
The Texas Water Fund will provide water and wastewater infrastructure funding to local communities
to preserve Texas’ vibrant economy.
















Proposition 7
Increasing the reliability of energy

Strengthen Reliability in Extreme Weather
The Texas Energy Fund will help electric generation facilities modernize and weatherize so that
they are resilient and continue to operate despite extreme weather.
















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Expand the Texas Energy Grid
The Texas Energy Fund will help create new and robust energy infrastructure, leading to a larger
supply of flexible, dispatchable electricity to meet growing demand.

























Proposition 8
Expanding access to high-speed internet

Encourage Smart Fiscal and Economic Policy
The Texas Broadband Infrastructure Fund will help maximize state and federal dollars and drive
corporate and private investment across Texas, leading to the creation of new, good-paying jobs.


























Close the Digital Divide
The Texas Broadband Infrastructure Fund will help close the digital divide in Texas by helping
rural, underserved, and remote areas gain expanded access to high-speed internet.

Enhance Public Safety
The Texas Broadband Infrastructure Fund will provide critical upgrades for public safety and next
generation 9-1-1 services to help keep Texans safe.